arcviz Virtual Reality systems

To compliment our traditional 3D Renders & Virtual Tours, we have developed a full range of Virtual Reality Systems to cater for all marketing scenarios.  


Google cardboard

The 'Google Cardboard' is our 'entry level system'.

Each unit is very cost effective, as it utilizes the users own personal mobile phone via your 'App' we make publicly available for all Androids and iPhones. Being such a cost effective option, this system allows you to hand out the Google Cardboard, in large numbers, for potential buyers to take home and show their friends and family while they consider their purchasing decision.


Samsung gear Vr

The 'Samsung Gear VR' is our 'intermediate system'. While the visualizations are static (fixed positioned, just like the Google Cardboard), the quality of the experience is significantly improved.

A much clearer understanding of the proposed development will be given to the user - including '3D Spacial Feel', which accurately demonstrates the real world size of the building via Stereoscopic technology.

We offer short & long term lease for these units.


HTC Vive

Our 'Premium System', utilizing the 'HTC Vive', is our fully interactive system.

This system allows users to physically walk around the 3D Virtual Environment. With head tracking and hand controls, users can not only be fully immersed in this new virtual world, but can also interact directly with it. This could include swapping floor materials from carpet to floorboards or tile, or experimenting with alternate colour schemes & fittings.

The possibilities here are potentially endless.